Auschwitz tour with trains of horror

If you have read my last posts you know that I was travelling through the beautiful Poland. It was a pleasant journey in a vintage train indeed! It showed me much of Polish folklore and beautiful landscapes. However, I didn’t manage to go on Auschwitz tour at that time. I had this idea of visiting the biggest concentration camps for a long time in my head. That is why I’d decided to come back to Poland and complete my plan and finally go on Auschwitz tour. Unfortunately, this time I went by plane as I didn’t have much time for vintage trains. They are utterly the best and lovely, but a little bit slow.


Goosebumps on Auschwitz tour

I had only 3 days in Poland this time as I was planning a trip to US with my friend the following week. Anyway, I stayed in Krakow and booked my Auschwitz tour with KrakowDirect company. We started out at 7:00 am in the morning when the car drove over my hotel. After one hour we were already in Oswiecim. The day was really cold, but I wasn’t sure if my goosebumps was the result of the temperature or of the thrilling atmosphere of the place. The area was really huge and I was kinda surprised when I found out that we are going to visit 3 different parts of the concentration camps. I didn’t realize it was such expansive. On my Auschwitz tour I saw the barracks where prisoners were living their miserable lives. Their photographs were so touching and unbelievably authentic.


Trains of horror

As a train lover, I immediately drew attention to the train tracks in the area. When I go by train I always admire the beautiful views out the window and do not focus on my destination that much. For those people who were on a train to Auschwitz, the destination was most important. The photographs of prisoners in these trains were horrifying. They were brutally pushed inside the machine which were their death trains. I don’t know why, but after my Auschwitz tour I started to think what would I do if any train ride would be my last one. This thought has been with me even after one month since that trip.

train on Auschwitz tour
The train was very terrifying in concentration camp.

Anyway, I spent in Oswiecim around 5 hours and came back to Krakow totally exhausted. The next day I was hanging around the city, but had only Auschwitz tour on my mind. To sum up, it was the journey that made me think a lot. However, I do not regret going to Auschwitz at all. In my opinion, everyone should see that place and remember the thrilling history of all of these innocent prisoners.