Trans cannadian rail travel

So my travel begins. Nobody will advise you to move around Canada by train. It’s cheaper by couch and faster by plane. But this feeling… I didn’t hesitate at all. I decided to by canrailpass, which allowed me to take 7 rides during 60 days. My plan was to travel from Montreal  to Vancouver, like it was previously built. All Canada from the East to  the West. I stopped in Winnipeg, Toronto and Calgary. On my way  back I  also turned of the main road to  see Edmonton. What have I seen? Why did I choose train to travel around such a big country? And did I really have to get to Vancouver? Isn’t it enough to see Ottawa, Toronto and Quebec? Well, I will try to answer those questions.

Of course, I  have seen most of biggest cities near the USA border. I had to eat something home made from time to time and charge my phone and computer. But the  reason I went to Canada was not admiring the cities. It was made to admire the nature. Amazing landscapes. After travelling all the way across Canada I decided to stop for a while and went to Vancouver  Island. It seems that it’s forgotten by God settlement.

What to see in Canada during your travel

Canadian train in beautiful landscape
Through Canada in a train

I wanted to see Rain forest. Unreachable jungle, giant sequoia, West Coast Trail diver’s way, stories of local woodcutters and Indian fishermen… Fantastic, isn’t it? Rocky Mountains are another attraction in Canada which you will  ever forget. How can you resist hiking in those wild territories? I decided to use somebody’s else legs and bought horse riding tour on Rocky Mountains. I felt so close to the nature! Especially that my horse  was the only friendly creature in this wilderness.  I was also  encharmed by Horseshoe Canyon. It  is a region of badlands surrounded by prairie in the province of Alberta. What is more, I’ve been watching orcas and whales. A boat trip from Campbell River on Vancouver Island took me so close to those amazing creatures…

Railway in Canada
Canadian landscape you can admire from your train.

Those, who like white water rafting will have many, many possibilities.  I tried on St. Lawrence. If you want to relax- do it in hot springs in Banff or Radium Hot Springs. I think it’s really worth to pay this 600 hundred euros and spend hours, days watching only forests, mountains and open spaces untouched by people. I recommend cabin Skyline. It has all the walls and the roof covered with a glass, so  that you can watch beautiful landscapes. I was sitting and watching, amazed. Silence was surrounding us. Everything lightly covered with snow. All the trees seemed to sleep under snowy blanket…

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  1. i think canada is a bit forgotten country. There are so much interesting things to do and to see… And maybe that’s better, because massive tourism will DESTROY virgin beauty of the nature.

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