First shot – Krakow Airport Balice

You often ask me about places I can recommend to take pictures in Krakow. Honestly, I’ve been there only once, but from my research I know that Krakow is full of places that are perfect as backgrounds for photos on Instagram.

Appropriate light, unusual perspective and interesting pose – this is my recipe for a beautiful photo. And if we add a nice, photogenic place, a real work of art can come out of our photo. This is how I captured the first shot from the observation tower at Krakow’s airport.

Krakow in the lens

So if you are looking for a place for a nice, aesthetic and artistic photo in this city, read on and I will take you on a virtual journey! If you choose the right time of day and perspective, you can snap a really phenomenal photo there! I was lucky to visit Krakow in late spring. The nature had already come alive, everywhere was green and colorful, and the sun was shining perfectly. A couple of times I even went to the magic “golden hour”.

I must warn you in advance that these places are usually quite crowded with tourists. But in the end Krakow is a city of people, a city of artists and a city of life! Welcome to Krakow!


Film in motion

After a short, quick photo session of the arriving planes and the runway, I packed my equipment and suitcases to a comfortable cab, which I ordered at

Starting my adventure with photography in Krakow, I meticulously looked through the most popular places, but also tried to “wander” around on my own in order to find those underrated gems. I studied the tours website:, because I found that there will surely be many places worth attention. But without further ado…

Market Square and surroundings

One of the first places that come to everyone’s mind when thinking about the capital of Malopolska. Of course the number of tourists per square meter can be discouraging, but you really should not give up. You can take really cool pictures there. Sometimes you just have to turn into one of the side streets! Some of our favorites are Senacka and Kanonicza. Plus those horse-drawn carriages and millions of pigeons do their job.

Academy of Music

The most beautiful view of all of Krakow in the city center! If you plan to move only in this area- you will find this beautiful view in its side street. The viewing terrace is located on the roof of the Academy of Music. There is a café – Metrum Restobisto serving really delicious coffee and pastries. We go up to the 6th floor and voilà ! We have such a beautiful view 🙂 Like from the Eiffel Tower over Paris! It’s worth to sit for a moment and relax.


Another famous classic, which can be used in an interesting way. However, instead of taking a photo with the medieval shopping mall in the background, I suggest going to one of the side “corridors”. Nice light, architectural details and perspective – they come out great in photos! A little artistic soul and a photo for the cover of a newspaper! To avoid the crowds there, you have to show up first thing in the morning or around noon during the week – weekends, of course, are out of the question.

Wawel Royal Castle

Just like the Main Market Square. You can see it practically on every postcard or brochure presenting the monuments of the former capital. From my favorite places to take pictures I can mention the magnolia in bloom and the terrace overlooking the Jubilate. Especially at sunset it has its charm.

Foothills – St. Joseph’s Church

It is a characteristic and unique monument of the Podgórze Square. A must-see during your visit to Krakow! The amazing construction is even more impressive live than in the picture. Such a Polish version of the Italian Milan Cathedral – Duomo di Milano! Plus these narrow streets, filled with small cafes and flowers. Buongiorno Italia!

Park Bednarskiego

Just behind the church is one of the most original parks in Krakow – Bednarskiego Park. Apart from the park itself, it is worth noticing the brilliant stairs leading from Plac Niepodległości.

Father Bernatek’s Footbridge

A few minutes walk and we end up in one of my personally favorite parts of the city. It is there that we find the famous Footbridge, which is hung with hundreds of padlocks of love. A classic, but it looks nice on photos 😉 The idea was taken from France, but both in Krakow and on the bridge in Wroclaw look beautiful.

Kosciuszko Mound

I am very sentimental about this place. It is where I spent a memorable evening at sunset with a person close to me. From the photographic point of view the mound itself doesn’t have much to offer except a view of the whole city. In contrast to its surroundings. Especially in the fall, the colorful George Washington Avenue looks truly magical! At the top there is a wall from which you can see the panorama of the city.

Mound of Krak

One of the locals’ favorite places for family walks. Brilliant panorama, lots of greenery, and on the left side the Lebanon Quarry. A great place to relax or have a picnic. Best at sunset of course!

Botanical Garden

Because of my love to all kinds of vegetation, I visited this place for the second time. Also photographically you can benefit from such a walk. Even during the bad weather, in the greenhouses you can feel like on vacation, and the vegetation brought from different parts of the world changes its colors every season.


This is a small lagoon in the city, with a pleasant marina and a restaurant serving dishes like “pizza, cutlet, fries”. However, if anyone of your dreams about a photo on the pier and doesn’t want to go outside the city limits – go ahead! During vacations there are a lot of people here, taking advantage of the privileges created for them by the city.

Przylasek Rusiecki

A bit further from the city center, but a place worth noticing. It is a dozen or so water reservoirs, which are willingly visited by families to swim and barbecue as well as fishermen. This place can be photographed in two ways. The first is a classic photo among the greenery with the water in the background. The second, is a brilliant swing, hidden right next to the wakeboarding facility. Boho style photos or wedding sessions come out amazing here!

That’s it!

Of course, I will try to update this list on a regular basis- adding more places. But it will require me to visit this wonderful place again. I won’t hide the fact that I will regret it! I’m already looking forward to it! So upon returning home, I immediately booked a trip with KrakowDirect for the winter time. The Christmas Market on the main square is supposedly one of the prettiest in Europe!

If you have any questions, feel free to write! I will be happy to help 🙂 I hope I can inspire you to create magical shots in Krakow. I would love to see your beautiful effects!

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